I get accompany actress Julie Carmen to a screening of John Cassevetes film, “Gloria” at LACMA, valentines day 2013

    Lucky me, I was invited to accompany the beautiful, stunning and talented actress Ms. Julie Carmen to a screening of the John Cassevetes film “Gloria” at the impressive and exciting LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), Valentines Day, this last Friday night. Julie was acknowledged for her role in the film classic. An amazing film showcasing the story of a “macho woman mobster” /more-than-a moll, who falls in love with and saves a small boy, a very cutting-edge concept somewhat unseen at the time of the movie’s making in the 1970’s. Julie’s role, as a puerto-rican wife and mother on the run, was riveting and dominates the film’s opening minutes. Julie turned heads in her Leather Waves, black leather snapped pants and Leopard & Lizard print handbag which she cleverly paired with a red silk jacket. I got lucky when we were photographed together, me in my long leather coat over pink knit. Thank you Julie, what a wonderful and memorable Valentine!