Deerskin Cafe Racer for D.B. 2013

My good friend D.B. had a motorcycle jacket from the 1960s that he loves so much, wore it to just about to death, and it was actually getting a bit small. He pleadingly asked, could you remake this for me? Yes, of course, and so we began the journey of re-creating his favorite jacket. D. chose a soft but substancial black deerskin leather, one of my very favorites to work with. The finished product is so stealth and clean, even more refined than the original. It’s so soft and pliable that D. hardly knows he’s wearing it, with the exception that he’s warm and the jacket texture is sensual to the touch…kind of like happy a puppy, girls like to come up and touch it! lol The jacket comes out looking great in it’s superior quality plus refined simplicity. D. is so happy, the jacket fits perfect, and is his favorite retro design.