“Faces of Malibu Article” and Interview for Malibu Magazine 2008

When did you move to Malibu and why? 1974,  I wanted to live close to Nature and grow my own food. I remember hanging out in Topanga as a teenager, and driving up the coast to check out the surf.  I’ve never lost the love of that feeling of freedom.  I started doing leatherwork, designing and making clothing by chance, I opened a little shop and that became a lifelong career and passion.  The people I work for have provided the inspiration. What are you doing in Malibu now? Recovering, rebuilding, restarting after the November wildfires that took my home and business.  I have a wonderful new Malibu location with easy PCH access, until my new shop gets built. I find that the mood in fashion is more gentile, kind and even romantic. I’m expanding into personalized custom clothing in other fabrications. I’m making more things for the home, items of function that are beautiful and finely crafted. I love making leather clothing and all the accessories, as a master leather maker, I find the possibilities are exciting and absolutely endless. What is the best part of “Malibu”? The people. The environment. Fresh air. Unfettered, unconventional sophistication.  As a “place” it is still wild, alive, self-renewing. What is the worst part of “Malibu”? Too much consumption going on in a fragile environment. Politics that don’t produce positive results. Cost of living in high gear moving upwards. What do you think about the changes in Malibu? We’re witnessing the elimination of funk, down-home, laid-back and casual. Originality seems to be hiding! We see homogenization and gentrification taking its place. Everything changes, and I think there is still a lot more sifting and shifting that will take place before the ballet is “in”.  There is still hope; my vision for Malibu may yet unfold. It’s a vision of a very modern community cohesive in it’s commitment to preserving our environment, creativity oozing out of it’s pores, it’s citizens deliriously happy with the simple pleasures we appreciate daily. However, the way in which we spend our dollars will create the scenarios we’ll end up living in. If you don’t dig what’s happening in your community, don’t BUY it. The Story I’ve been in business in the same town for a long time, I’m planning on sticking around and being creative for a lot longer. There are at least a hundred jackets left in me!  I still am and always will be honest, friendly and open-minded. I always do my work with excellence. I give more than the customer pays for, and they always come back! When I opened Leather Waves, at the then brand new Malibu Country Mart, I started with one pair of leather pants, a purse and a sewing machine. 32 years later I’m re-opening Leather Waves with one pair of leather pants, a purse and a sewing machine, it’s freaky and it’s fresh and it’s a lot of fun, I really like it and feel completely blessed.