Feedbag Styled Purse and Fur Keychain 2013

Love this purse, big and roomy, in a taupe colored distressed cowhide that has some body and holds the shape, this leather will become better and better with age. The trim leather is a floral print on lambskin that’s backed with a beautiful purple/fushia suede on the fringe, and the top half of the bag’s interior. A velcored pocket on the outside fits your cell phone and has easy but secure access, inside is a large zippered pocket and a deep and full area to hold everything. A metal ring is sewn to the front of the bag where you might latch your keys, or other decorations. I did make a keychain with a fur tail and strings with beads, this piece is sold separately or with the bag. Modeled beautifully by Casey wearing the Hand-Laced Deerskin “Skinny” Vest. Both items for sale in our online store.