Fred Segal and Jackie Robbins…1978

Throw Back Thursday… Honoring my business mentor and lifelong friend, the brilliant and famous Los Angeles Retailer, Fred Segal, who built the Malibu Country Mart which opened in 1975. He choose me at the tender age of 22, after I showed him one pair of suede pants and a leather saddlebag I had crafted, to occupy a 400 sf storefront at the time of the opening. I became the longest standing tenant to have a store there in the history of the shopping center, 30 years. Fred tutored me with invaluable information that I will always credit him for, in helping me to become and a strong and successful businesswoman and retailer at a time when someone of my age and gender, with no experience could only dream of experiencing. Add my budding talents and the eventual skill I developed and you have LEATHER WAVES, and the glamorous career that I still enjoy today.