Honoring our Best Friend and Companion, Lucy Ricardo

  Taken in the year 2000, this is a famous photo around Leather Waves. My daughter Cheyenne and our new puppy Lucy Ricardo, modeled turquoise suede and faux fur matching jackets for my newly created “Leather Waves Babe” line of children’s leather clothing. Lucy passed yesterday of old age, 14 years or about 98 in dog time. She was a wonderful and loyal companion, many people remember her from the shop where I used to bring her everyday. She’d greet the customers with licks and little nibbles on the fingers trying to make everyone she met a “littermate”. She will be missed and always remembered. In this photo, which was used for a Leather Waves advertising campaign, Lucy was 1 and Cheyenne was an 8 year-old thrilled with her new puppy and becoming a mom.