“In the Shop” with Jackie Robbins Episode #14 Part #1 Re-Purposing a Sable Fur Coat

A favorite client that I have worked with for many years came to my Studio Salon in November a few months ago. She hadn’t been to Leather Waves in a while and became inspired looking around at my newest creations. She asked “I’ve got this beautiful fur coat living under my bed. I had a section cut-out to make a pillow but I really don’t know what to do with the rest of it. I love the coat and want to wear it but the style is dated and it just looks like a fur coat, not something that is very popular right now”. I considered a few possibilities that I shared with her and a few weeks later she brought the coat to me. It was an incredibly beautiful garment, actually Sable and not a mink, lightweight and fluffy, a gorgeous sumptuous color, and although it was approximately 25 years old it was in amazingly good condition, not dried out and definitely possible to re-work. I came up with a design where we would use a beautiful chocolate deerskin leather to create a more casual looking jacket and use the fur coat as a liner. She loved the idea and felt that considering the enormous price that the original coat had cost, that this was a worthy and cost effective way to save it, feeling that she would use and enjoy the coat once again. In this first episode of “In the Shop” you can see the sketch design and the first steps involving taking the coat apart and recutting it into the design specifications. Fur coats are incredibly labor intensive garments and I was very impressed by how beautifully made it was and the amount of workmanship involved. I felt happy that I could transform this beautiful garment into something that would be useable again and enjoyed by my client. Next came a pattern for the leather and the cutting and styling of the leather jacket. When the leather was assembled I hung it onto the fur to see that the result was on track. In the final episode you will see how I finished the garment and the final result.