“In the Shop” with Jackie Robbins Episode #14 Part #2 Re-Purposing a Sable Fur Coat

Here we are back to finishing this beautiful re-purposed sable coat, only now we can call it a gorgeous deerskin leather jacket lined with sumptuous sable fur, from the once fur coat that we started with. I start by attaching the leather to the fur coat that I cut and prepared. Turning it inside out and twisting it this way and that. Then I have to pull the hair gently from each seam so that it doesn’t tear but comes through the seam to create a full and furry edge all around the coat and bottom of the sleeves. A tedious process but worth the effort as this step and the final topstitching gives the coat a finished look. I add a tie to the inside that is now the fur side so that the client has an option to reverse the coat and wear the fur out and the leather in if she wants to. Last I take the fur scrap and there is still a generous piece left from the bottom front and begin to design a clutch bag to match the jacket. The clutch will be made from the deerskin with a large zippered pocket inside and the piece of fur will line the entire inside. I add a tie just like the coat has. Again I patiently pull all the hair from the edge seams so it lays in perfect rows and peeks out the edge of the bag. Last but not least I take a remaining strip of the fur which had previously existed as a facing in the original coat and I make a key chain hook that will attach to the bag where I installed a metal ring. Using my favorite heart shaped design from one of my keychain styles I actually create a loop of fur lined with the same leather to create the keychain, but when it’s attached, you can now put your arm through it and hold the bag by it’s corner. My client loved that! See the finished 2 pieces and know that my client was so happy with the outcome that she is in discussion to make her full length black mink into a vest for her daughter and a jacket for herself, and get that piece out from under the bed too!