“In the Shop” with Jackie Robbins-Remaking a Designer Purse-Episode #1, Part #1

Good Morning Leather Lovers, today I begin my new online series “In the Shop” with an order that I did for K.R. this December 2012. K. brought me one of her favorite bags that she’d owned for a long time and truly loved. It was created by one of my all-time favorite French designers, whose work I followed for decades, deriving much inspiration and awe. So I was so delighted when K. came to me with a request to make her a new one with a couple of variations. I considered the bag a classic even though it probably is only a decade or two old. But as most of us lovers of fashion know, some pieces never fade in their brilliance and only get better with age because they typify a period in fashion history and they are so well executed that they become classics in our minds. Some of the elements that I loved and considered classic about this piece was the antler handle, with the custom silver work, and strong metal elements, the soft but firmness of the high quality calf suede, the hand stitching in the pleats and the size. Because of the genius of the design the handle was removable as well as adjustable so I was able to reuse it and make it new in a way that the eventual new bag could be exchanged back and forth with the old bag depending on the client’s preference. K’s request for variation included making the new bag in black and doubling the depth of the bag so that it could actually carry more.