“In the Shop” with Jackie Robbins-Remaking a Designer Purse-Episode #1, Part #2

Good Morning Leather Lovers, today we progress on K.R.’s custom bag. In the first picture you will see that I have made the pattern pieces by taking the measurements of the existing bag and adding the variations that I have been instructed to add to the custom order. This bag will have about 10 pieces, not all of them will be made in paper as I will simply cut some of them as I contruct the bag. But all the major pieces will be made of paper. When I begin to cut the suede I will cut all the major pieces first making sure that those are from the best pieces of the skin. All the minor pieces will be cut from what is left over. The lining also gets cut here, because the parts of the lining that are within the bag are often the first to get sewn. I chose a lavendar/tan cloth that is similar to the one used in the original bag but something the sets the color black off. I love a happy un-expected lining for my bags. Sewing in the pleats to the front and back, the most outstanding of the details on the majors pieces it what I will do first. Then I will hand stitch the detail on the front of the piece. You will see how lovely the detailed pleats are. This is a new detail I have not done before which is one of the reasons I love remaking designer pieces, particularly this French designers.