“In the Shop” with Jackie Robbins-Remaking a Designer Purse-Episode #1, Part #3

Good morning Leather Lovers today we’ll finish the remake of that amazing French designer’s purse for K.R.  At this stage of the project I’ll be making the straps/fitted belts that attach the purse to that amazing antler handle and the heavy metal rings.  Part of the brilliance of this design is the fact that the handle can actually be removed and reused on the new bag and be taken off and used on the old bag again. Once these straps have been completed and sew on it’s time to sew in the lining.  You will see that the lining is quite involved. The lavendar cloth is sewn to a matching suede facing where the label (mine this time) and a magnetic closer will be installed.  The metal closer will hold the bag closed when it’s being carried, and is a form of security, of course.  The interior pocket is finished with as much detail as anything on the outside, all of this attention makes the bag luxurious.  I admire the process taken in the original bag, much the same as I use in my bags but I love noticing the differences and learning something new. When the lining is finished and completely installed I find I am nearing the finish line.  The last part will be installing the metal button on the sides of the straps and the keeper for the straps so that everything attaches to that stunning existing handle from the original piece.  You can now see the finished new bag with the variations that K. has requested. Tomorrow I will show you more pictures of the finished piece and K.’s joyful reaction when she comes to pick it up.