“In the Shop” w/Jackie Robbins E#4 P#1 Leather Windbreaker

I showed you this rugged leather windbreaker for J.H. last week, now I will show you the process we took for making the jacket. J. loves his black nylon windbreaker that fits him in a roomy and flattering way. It’s design is perfect for J.’s boxy, atheletic build and really comfortable for him to wear. So it’s a natural style for him to consider for a good leather jacket. I started by making a muslin fitting for him based on this style. He wanted to be able to wear the new jacket over a sweatshirt so we fitted it that way. We decided a snapped cuff was dated and changed that to a bit more tapered sleeve with zippered bottoms. We added an interior flap behind the front zipper, enlarged and properly fitted the collar to frame and fit J.’s neck better. We also added a bar across the shoulders, a manly detail to accentuate J.’s chest strength. He chose a leather that has a certian stiffness or “timber” with a sueded or “nubuck” finish, saying “I’m kind of a rugged guy, so I don’t want anything too perfect looking”. A great choice and a color that looks great with his hair and facial tone. Next I worked to adjust the pattern to his specifications and then cut my pieces.