“In the Shop” w/Jackie Robbins E#5 P#2 Spring Purse

*Welcome back for part #2 of the making of the newest Leather Purse for Spring 2013 *Here you will see that I used those stitched leather strips to tie-down the metal details to the staps, this gives the bag a bouncy fun look. I love tying things to bags because when the person who is wearing it moves, so do these little details, giving the wearer a visual of movement, sexy. *I chose a linning that is a strong tapestry fabric, a modern geometric design with a perfect match in color tones. The interior is fully lined with a large zippered pocket on one side for important items that one would want separated inside the bag. *More details include a champagne colored fox tail and some large bottle beads tied to the main zipper. The bottom of the bag gets sewn in with a thick leather stiffener that will eventually create the shaping of the bag. Volia, the finished bag, fun, practical, interesting and modern. *This one is for sale, sales@leatherwaves.com. Or see it in our Online Store. There is only one, but this design can be ordered in a variety of colors and patterns, each one unique.