“In the Shop” w/Jackie Robbins E#6 P#2 Washed Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Let’s finish the washed leather motorcycle jacket now. Once the shell was completed I began the lining. All black satin with two pockets one on each side with snap closures, our label and something new that this client requested. He wanted a vintage label with a picture on it. At first I was not sure about this idea but I’m always up for client requests. I found a fabric that you could print on the computer and conjured up a vintage photo of yours truly, a Leather Waves Classic from the 80’s. Since making this jacket other clients have requested the label, I suppose it adds interest to the interior and plays for a vintage look. Since making this jacket we’ve added the words “Motorcycle Leather Waves”, after all I have been making Motorcycle wear for over 30 years! Once the lining is complete I sew the outer leather jacket and the lining together. A delicate process that takes time and precision. Lastly will be the topstitching which needs to be extremely accurate and precise. Volia the finished product and a very happy customer. How do I know the customer is happy? When he walks in and looks at the finished jacket for the first time and says WOW, puts it on and won’t take it off, that’s success!