“In the Shop” w/Jackie Robbins E#7 P#1 Women’s Distressed Leather Jacket

This jacket had 2 lives! I made it the first time and felt there were some details missing that I could do better and then remade it a second time adding some touches that really made it shine! I had an original design that I sketched and made a pattern for. Then I cut a muslin to fit it on one of my mannequins. I always prefer a live body to fit on because it truly gives personality to the finished product but designers ofter have to use a mannequin when inspiration knocks. I cut the design from some amazing distressed lambskin leather that I loved because of it’s thinness and strength-that’s Italian Leather, one of my very favorite for garments. I got the shell of the jacket completed after much deliberation over the collar style…but was pleased to come up with this one, which stands up all around the neck and curls when it comes together, creating interest around the face. Tomorrow you will see how I finish the piece and how I remade the pocket design to give this piece some punch!