“In the Shop” w/Jackie Robbins E#3 P#1 Valentines Day Dress

I wanted to design and make a dress for Valentines Day. Something hot and stylish. I started off with some perforated red lamb suede, but then had a change of HEART, and decided to make something new for my “no-animal” line of leather goods. I had purchased some faux leather fabric that was a beautiful deep red with a continuous exotic lizard print on it, and chose it as my inspiration. I wanted to do something fitted, yet easy to wear, and most of all FUN. I began by making a line drawing of what I had in mind, and then I began to drape some muslin on my size 7 dress form, in the shapes I was thinking. I started fitting the pieces and making choices, drew and cut a paper pattern from my muslin pieces and I was then ready to cut some fabric and begin the process of making.