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Remaking favorite leather jacket

L. Watson, Collector and Academic, San Diego CA

I had my favorite jacket that was 34 years old and damaged copied and remade by Jackie. I feel so lucky because when I brought the jacket home last night literally it is exactly the same as the other one… down to the tiniest detail. My daughter couldn’t believe it!!

Remaking a Leather Bomber Jacket

The beauty of being in business, as long as I have, is the joy in making another person happy. I met a woman recently who had lost her favorite leather jacket to an accident. She’d had it for 34 years and it served her well, originally an engagement gift from her husband. When she called me I told her that I could probably copy the old one and make her a new one, and she and her husband drove from San Diego to see me that day! Yesterday she picked up the finished garment and cried she was so delighted with it. Needless to say these are the moments that shine brightest in a lifelong career such as mine 😇 Viva Leather Waves! I have made so many bomber jackets during the life of my career and it was great to make another after many years, remembering what a terrific style it is, man’s or women’s! What we’d call a ‘Classic’ 😉

Leather Waves 1980’s Protege, Bill Wall

This guy was a local Malibu 16 year-old high-school dropout when I offered him a job at Leather Waves in the 1980’s, I recognized his immense talent immediately and we did some brilliant work together and had a lot of fun doing it…thank you Bill Wall <3

Tapestry and Faux Leather Bags

Tapestry and Faux Leather Accessories include shopping bag Purse, over the shoulder soft hanging ‘paris purse’ and zippered pouch bag, all fully lined with specific interior pockets in the larger two purses, for the vegans who don’t want to carry leather but like the look!

Classic Leather Waves Shearling Jacket and Concho Belt

One of our classic Shearling Jackets, short and sweet. With a suede concho belt to sling onto your hips!

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