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Leather Bikini

We make incredible leather and suede swimsuits to order. this one is soft plonget leather in white. Wear, rinse and lay it out to dry and wear again. You will love the attention this one will bring!

Streamlined Leather Work Pouch

Streamlined Leather Work pouch fits around the waist with the pouch hanging over one hip. Multi pockets hold paperwork pens and pencils and business Behind is a hidden zippered pocket for carrying money. Available by order with your own customized pockets, choose the color leather too.

Vintage Leather Waves, Chamois Pants

There was a time when a ‘Pair of Chamoise Pants Could Stop A Train’ especially if they were made by Jackie Robbins at Leather Waves! Perfect thing to wear when you feel sexy, confident and ready to roll.

Slim and unique leather pouch for ‘UR’ something special!

We make all kinds of leather pouches in all shapes and sizes to contain that ‘something’ that is special to you, ask for price quotes!

Baby Shearling Jackets, too adorable!

Baby shearling jacket from our ‘Leather Waves Babe’ line of leather clothing for children. Soft and cozy, wonderful for cold weather. Wearing this may include hugs smiles and kisses 🙂 By custom order.

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