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Taryn Van Vleet Three Trophies in Arizona Competition March 2003

Little 10 year old Taryn Van Vleet had her leather show outfits custom made by Jackie Robbins at Leather Waves. Taryn went on to win three championship prizes with her horse, “Cody” at the Arizona show, and there is no doubt about it, she wore those outfits with the confidence of a Champion. Good luck to Taryn next month when her and Cody move on to Houston!

Dominic Scott Kaye Wears Jackie’s Custom Leather Pants to his Awards Ceremony March 2003

Jackie Robbins designed and made the custom leather pants that Dominic Scott Kay wore to his awards ceremony. Jackie was delighted to work with the little fellow that kept her entertained by singing songs during his fittings.

Above article reads:

During the recent 24th Annual Young Artist Awards ceremony, 6-year-old-actor Dominic Scott Kay of Malibu walked the red carpet with actor Danny Bonaduce and presented the past “Partridge Family” star with the Former Child Star Lifetime Achievement Award. In addition, Kay was nominated for Best Performance in a Feature Film-Young Actor Age 10 or Younger, for his performance in “Minority Report.”

Leather Waves “Fashion Section” Malibu Magazine Oct. 2002

Jackie Robbins is quoted by Malibu Chamber of Commerce Sept 2002

“My target client lives here,” says Jackie Robbins, owner of Leather Waves, an upscale custom clothing and accessory store located in Malibu’s Country Mart since 1975. “They’re involved in community projects and events. They do things that have to do with charity and that are larger than their own lives. They’re in the public eye and in the media.”

Robbins says the Chamber has helped her to get to know her customer. “Over the last 5 years, the Chamber has really improved in doing things that are viable for local business,” says Robbins. “It has become a lot more sophisticated.” Robbins says one of the best efforts of the Chamber this past year was a survey that explained the demographics of Malibu. “It told us who lives in Malibu, what the average income is, the average lifestyle, number of children, likes and dislikes,” says Robbins. “. If they need beach bags and I make evening bags, they’re not going to sell.”

“In 27 years, I’ve seen 100 businesses come and go in the Country Mart,” says Robbins. “I think it’s because they don’t grasp the needs of the community. Malibu has a calm, relaxed, peaceful lifestyle. If your aspirations are in line with that, I think you’re likely to succeed.” 

Leather Waves is worn to 74th Academy Awards March 2002

Lovely Ellen Heuer wore “Leather Waves” to the Academy Awards Ceremony at the new Kodak Theatre in Hollywood California Sunday night. The two-time Oscar recipient in Best Sound, was thrilled to be adorned in the one-of-a-kind Evening-Gown designed especially for the event by Jackie Robbins. The designer described the dress as “Marie Antoinette meets the Rolling Stones at Sunset on the Beach.” The Cut-Away Bolero Jacket, Purse and Dress was brilliantly constructed of delicately embroidered lapis blue lamb skin with metallic threads and moon-stone colored beads, a bronze leather lining and iridescent royal blue taffeta silk. Consider “Leather Waves” for your special event Couture!
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