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Alma Petula attends Malibu Film Festival Gala Opening in “Leatherwaves” August 2002

Jimmy and Alma Petula the night of the Malibu Film Festival “Gala” opening night at the Lilly’s Malibu Castle. Alma wore a custom made leather outfit designed for her for the event by Jackie Robbins. The designer stated the outfit was a collaborative effort between client and designer to create a personalized look for the black-tie event that reflected the client’s very hip and sexy style with class and grace. The outfit was made of a pearlized butter soft lambskin, in a double-tone silver and gold. Trimmed in brass grommets and laces finished in crystals and beads. Congratulations to Jimmy for the amazing creation of his film “Reversal”, which he starred in, directed and wrote! He took home “Best Film” prizes in competition, and then moved on to New York’s film festival to do the same!

Jackie Goes to Paris 2001

I was very lucky last month to get the opportunity to visit Paris, oui! Paris, France! Needless to say, Springtime in this city is intoxicating. My focus was art and fashion, of course. It’s been at least a dozen years since my last visit, so it felt like visiting dear old friends to see certain works of art, sculptures and gardens again, and to re-experience the rich architecture and layers of history that permeate everything. I loved the press of humanity in all it’s varied forms, the French really know how to LIVE! The weather, the cafes, and the food were fabulous. If you’re a French woman you must wear a wonderful purse and a beautiful scarf, and I saw so many incredible ones. The best boutiques were filled with color, color, COLOR…reds, oranges, golds, bright greens. Wow, dazzling and delightful for the eyes. I made a “perfect” 3-piece pale navy nubuck suede suit for the adventure. A 3/4 sleeve jacket with lots of patch pockets, short pants with bells at the calf and a sexy ringed zipper up the back, and a straight skirt slung low on the hip-no waist with the same zipper as the pants; and slits everywhere on all the pieces. The suit traveled really well, and not only looked RIGHT but “Tres Chic” everywhere I went. A suit, a few great tops, sandals and a pair of short boots, almost all I needed for the trip.

Redo Your Old Fur 2001

I┬ádid a wonderful outfit for Beth. She brought in a full length Raccoon Coat that she has owned forever. We turned it inside out and created a new Leather outercoat for it in Cocoa Ostrich Printed Lamb Skin, and a pair of pants to match. It turned out absolutely stunning, she was so please. Is there a fur “something” keeping your closet warm instead of you? Bring it over and lets look at some skins and toss around a few ideas! See you soon.

Beyond the Special Order-Lifescapes Magazine July 2001

When Jackie Robbins, owner of Leather Waves in the Malibu Country Mart, says she offers personalized service, she is more than mouthing a shopping slogan. Robbins creates custom leather and suede clothing and accessories for men, women and children. Her designs are unique and her garments are made-to-measure in the store’s upstairs studio. “At a mall store with mass-produced merchandise, you have to make compromises,” says Robbins, who has been in business for 27 years. “Why not get exactly what you want?”
Jackie Robbins teaching

Career Day at Webster School November 2000

Jackie Robbins teaching Jackie Robbins on “Career Day” at Webster Elementary School in Malibu, November 2000. Teaching Leather Design
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