A brief Leather Waves History


“Leather Waves” was established in 1975 at the Malibu Country Mart, the exclusive shopping area that neighbors famous Malibu Colony Beach, in sunny southern California. Jackie Robbins’, Leather Waves’ in house designer, has been making personalized cutting-edge fashion for the most discerning individuals at this location for 30 years. It is easy to say that her experience in the design and crafting of Leather and Suede is unparalleled and much sought after. Specially ordered Pieces created by Jackie are competitively priced with top designer RTW collections but are uniquely designed and fit for complete satisfaction. The sensuality and durability of Leather and Suede will make your garment a personal favorite for years to come. Jackie Robbins is a Malibu Artisan specializing in fashion leather work since 1975. Self-taught in both her craft and business acumen, Jackie’s confidence in her skills and ability are impressive. She can be heard saying “I’ve made just about everything and anything at least once!” Expertise, commitment to quality workmanship, precision detailing-combined with Jackie’s refreshing personal style and service approach-have contributed to her recognition as a gifted master by an ever growing list of patrons in Malibu–and now the world! Meet Jackie in the exclusive setting of her Atelier, be excited by her “I can do that!” approach to ideas and her extraordinary sensibility in defining her clients’ best personal attributes, through the process of drape and fit. Leather Waves was located in the Malibu Country Mart for 32 years, and is proud to claim that it’s establishment is the oldest in this very hip and heavily visited shopping area. Having opened in the summer of 1975 at the inception of the Center, Leather Waves was one of it’s first tenant. Entering from the fountain courtyard at the corner of Cross Creek Road and Civic Center Way in the heart of Malibu, you could find Jackie Robbins’ Atelier. Atelier being a French word that depicts the upstairs studio where the Artist works. As you’d ascend the stairway you’d pass the photo gallery of some of her celebrity clientele wearing their Leather Waves creations, including pictures of Paul Newman, Celine Dion, Neil Diamond, Barbara Walters, Ben Vereen, Goldie Hawn, just to name a few. Reaching the top you’d be greeted by the sensuous smell of hides and the signature Fragrance “Leather Waves”, the scent created and bottled by Jackie to wear with her leather garments. You could experience the Artisan’s workshop, see examples of fine craftsmanship, touch the textures, and be dazzled by the colors of skins available from the finest sources in the world. Come in and find out how easy, affordable and fun it can be to have your own personal style created in Leather and Suede. In 2005 the Malibu Country Mart location was closed, and Jackie built a Studio on her own property in Malibu 15 minutes from the Atelier. This store was called The Leather Waves Jewelbox. In 2007 this studio burnt in a Malibu wildfire. Today Leather Waves Studio/Point of Resurrection Gallery has been rebuilt on the same spot. Call for an appointment to visit the Artist’s Studio, to see artworks and the newest leather garments and accessories by Jackie Robbins. You are invited to make an appointment by calling Leather Waves at 310-456-8321 or e-mailing us at info@leatherwaves.com