“no-animal” Backpack 2013

Some of our clients are vegans and vegetarians who prefer an alternative to wearing real leather. There have been many strides taken in textile industry to create fabrics that look like leather. At Leather Waves it’s always my supreme desire to give my clients exactly what they are looking for, so in 2010 I created a new and additional label called “no-animal”. My goal is to produce my leather designs in an alternative fabric that mimics leather, as an alternative to our awesome leather designs. In these photos see a “no-animal” leather backpack that can also be worn as a shoulderbag. It has a funnel neck that folds over and snaps down. A cell-phone pocket and zippered area as well as interior Velcro-ed pockets make this a very organized bag. See more details and how this bag is made in our next “In the Shop” w/Jackie. In our online store you can purchase,order and customize it!