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This design is a classic motorcycle jacket from the 1960s. We re-created this favorite jacket in a soft but substancial black deerskin leather, a leather that cuts and curves with the body but is thick enough that you can feel it. We chose classic chrome zippers, for the 2 breast pockets, the bottom of the sleeves and the front.  The classic "cafe racer" style has a short stand up collar that snaps close to the neck. The back has another classic feature of this styled jacket, expanding pleats across the shoulders, for reach of the arm most notably when holding the handlebars of a motorcycle. The zippered cuff keeps air from running up the sleeves. For the lining I use a heavy satin because it's durable and wears well and because it's shiny it so easy to slip in and out of- dark and slick-with the addition of our newest vintage motorcycle label. The topstitching defines all the lines beautifully and adds strength for wear. The finished product is so stealth and clean, soft and pliable that you will hardly know you are wearing it, with the exception of the warmth and the jacket texture, which is sensual to the touch. This jacket is available by Custom Order in a variety of leathers and colors.

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