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Love is so tempting, yes? So I made a red leather Valentines Day dress this year. Interestingly enough it's actually made from "no-animal" fabrics but I've constructed and sewn it in my typical leather working manner. Pieces of printed silk are interspersed on the bodice, hem, and trim along the exposed zipper. The zipper is black metal and finely fabricated with a beautiful matching pull. The red fabric has an exotic lizard leather repeated pattern in the lengthwise direction and is trimmed with a faux smooth black leather. The shape is meant to be sculptural and rounded by the hips, making the drape a bit extreme, yet this also provides a roominess that allows for comfortable wearing. This dress is available now in womens size 6. It can also be made by custom order in a variety of fabrics and in real Leather or Suede as well, prices vary and are available upon request. Happy Valentines Day, kisses.

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