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This sexy little black leather dress is made from the softest and thinest black matte finished leather called "Plonget" cowhide. It weighs almost nothing, it's as light as a feather and feels like a thin sheath conforming to the body. I love this leather because, it's really BLACK, it's incredibly durable, and it's so soft. The empire waist and square neckline are very flattering to the figure, suggestive of sensuality but completely covered, the leather is fitted in a neat drape that does not squeeze the body. The sleeve pleat-gathers along the top of the arm.  This dress is fully lined and a pleasure to wear. It can be made to fit tighter, but I like the slight loseness because it flatters the curves of the body instead of squeezing it.

This Leather Waves dress sample is available on sale, so enjoy a substancial discount on this Ready to Wear/Off the Rack piece as it has been worn once for a Leather Waves fashion event, but shows absolutely no wear, it's a woman's size medium 8-10. You may also custom order this dress at full price.

This is a dress that can live in a wardrobe and can be used in many different ways, from dressy semi-formal to casual, with metallic or leather heels to boots of any height. This is the classy Leather Dress that you will be admired in, and that special person in your life will have a hard time keeping their hands off!.



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