“Re-Purpose” that fur coat that you are not wearing 2014

One of my very favorite clients brought me the most gorgeous Sable Fur last month. She said “This coat just lives in a bag under my bed because I don’t wear it anymore.” It’s was seriously one of the most beautiful coats I’d ever seen. Extraordinary workmanship, the skins perfectly matched, full length to the ankles. There had already been a big chunk of it removed from the bottom of the back, for another remaking project. At approximately 25 years old it was still in great condition, well preserved and skin still workable. I designed something much less “dressy” and more useable that used the fur inside as a lining and a deep and rich chocolate colored deerskin hide on the outside. Over the next week or so I will show you how I transformed this coat into a stunning leather jacket and even had a piece left over to create a fur lined clutch to go with it, in the next episode of “In the Shop” with Jackie Robbins.