In the Shop w/Jackie Robbins, Episode #12 Women’s Hand Laced “Skinny” Vest

I call this the “Skinny” vest for a reason, it’s cut close to the body and the design is minimal so it only covers the essential areas! A great leather piece for the Summer and Fall (later in the year one could easily wear it over a blouse or tee as well). The color is hot hot hot Pink! You’ve seen it earlier this week on Casey, and she rocks it well! I ran into this bundle of pieces of deerskin and I couldn’t wait to arrange the pieces and lace them together. Deerskin is the best leather to make lace from because you can cut it thin and it’s very strong. Working with it always makes me feel native american because many tribal people have made beautiful garments for centuries from this amazing skin and it’s one of the great hides that america is know for making. You’ll see from the pictures how I glued the pieces to create the different parts of the garment. Then patiently small holes are punched along the edges for the lacing. I love how the lace looks when it fills the holes. Along the edges of the skin I use the “running stitch” and along the edge of the garment I use the “whip stitch” to finish it off. Lace is cut from a large circle of skin gauging the amount so that it is a consistent size. This is a fun garment and very sexy, especially on a tanned body-go native!