Suede Blazer for Mr. Paul Newman 1992

  Wow, what an amazing individual Mr. Newman was. He’s the definition of Kismet, so charming and those blue eyes, enough to leave the seamstress almost speechless. It was an honor to work for the man, he was so very kind and appreciated the work immensely. He taught me about the color Gold-Green and how important it can be in a gentleman’s wardrobe. He brought his amazing wife, Ms. Woodard ┬áin to meet me, and suggested she might like to have some leather made too. But she reminded him of that “white leather dress” they had purchased for her, in that famous European leather goods shop in Paris, that she spilled red wine on the first time she wore it, and just could not bring herself to purchase leather again, even though she quite liked my work! They were delightful together. The day Mr. Newman picked up his finished jacket from Leather Waves, he put it on and was inspecting it in front of the mirror, and said, “My goodness I’m becoming an Antique!” And I said, “Mr. Newman you are the best looking antique I’ve ever seen!” He smiled and let me take this photo standing outside my shop door, extremely generous he was, I’ll never forget him.