What Leather Waves’ clients say…

O, Jackie (vs. Jackie O.), I lOve the hat!! Thank you prufusely, it’s coming to NYC tomorrow. It feels so COZY, like a teddy bear on my brain. I love you. Julie C.ActressMalibu, CA   Dear Jackie, I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I have enjoyed meeting you and “having-a-ball” with you and the creativity that goes on in “inventing” my clothes. It is, in a sense, a way of inventing ourselves and discovering ourselves and discovering who we really are, and showing that, in some way, to the world by what we wear. You are a wonderful and kind soul. Helen Hill Orange County, CA   “I tried on the chaps and vest that you made for me, for Michael and he said “It’s Bitchen”. He really dug the outfit and said it was perfect for riding on the bike! Being that I haven’t been on a Harley before, I’m really glad that I trusted your design ideas! L.L. Malibu, CA   Hi Jackie! As you can see, it’s a faked record cover. The tracks listed are a bunch of 1980’s songs that are recommended by Fredrik and Gustaf at Miami. The image is a semi-hidden extra feature. I liked putting your image on the album because it captures a lot of the eighties – the white pants, the big blonde hair, etc. Johan Olsson Miami Records Sweden   “You do an exceptionally fine design and quality job with your leather and you know how to service your customer.It is a great pleasure to watch your success and growth.” Fred Segal Fashion Retailer, Entrepreneur Malibu, CA   “You give great leather” Larry Hagman Actor, Celebrity Malibu, CA     I was most impressed by her craft…one of the most special pieces of clothing that I will ever wear…” Gary Chang Film Composer Malibu, CA   In my 38 years I have never been so excited about a pair of pants!! I have never been able to find a perfect fit until now. I’m ready for all my pants to be made by Jackie at Leather Waves-ONE IS NOT ENOUGH! J.J. Innes Malibu, CA   My custom coat fits so well and is so warm that I look forward to cold weather days because they give me a good reason to wear it. Yours Truly, Howard Ziehm Malibu, CA   Dear Jackie, Just a little note to thank you for designing and making my elegant outfit for the Calgary Stampede. I still can’t believe that when I came to you with my idea of what I wanted, you created something which was not only what I had envisioned but surpassed my expectations. You are truly and artist. I received many compliments at the various parties we attended. I actually wore it to 3 different functions. I plan to wear it a lot. Thank you again Jackie – You are amazing! Warmest Regards, June Noel Playa Del Rey, CA   Jackie, Thank you for the artistry and magic that you brought to this year’s Oscars. ‘Marie Antoinette meets the Rolling Stones’ was a big hit! May there be many more syncronistic occasions for us to share in the spirit of great beauty, love and excitement for new possibility. Mostly I want to thank you for the Leatherwaves of happiness and joy that you brought to my heart. Much Love, Ellen Heuer Pacific Palisades, CA   You are indeed a person of many talents. Your sense of design and color is a wonderful gift, and the fact that you bring joy to others through your creative abilities is a wonderful thing. My beautiful red coat and terrific blue pants – such vibrant tones of leather – never cease to give me a glow of happiness when I wear them. -Faith Heinemann Malibu, CA   Dear Jackie, I just wanted to send you a quick note and tell you how much I’m loving my suede pants and my leather pants. They fit perfectly and are even more comfortable than my old jeans! This is my first experience with custom-made clothing and I think I’m already sold on it. There is something special about the clothes custom-made to your body. You feel more of an ownership and closeness with your clothes. And of course the fact that no one else owns the same piece makes you feel that much special. I just moved to Malibu few months ago and I am so happy to have found a real jewel in Malibu! You made the whole experience very enjoyable for me. You helped me to voice out what I was looking for and invited me to participate in the process of making it come alive. And in the end you made me look at the leather material in whole new angle. You got me Jackie. I’m sure I will see you again soon. Best Wishes, Monica Kim Malibu, CA   Hello Jackie… The leather shirt you just made me is my favorite! My singer hates me for getting that shirt… He loves it and says it should be his. J. Cundiff Muscian India Atlantic, FL   When I got home I modeled the new shearling you just made me for my husband and he said it was the most beautiful leather coat he’s ever seen! C. Kilroy Malibu, CA
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