Leather Waves “Vintage” Picture of the Day Jackie Robbins / Black Suede Suit 1977

This photo was taken in 1977, I was a new designer, 24 years old, my new business venture (1st business venture) Leather Waves Boutique had just opened two years earlier at Malibu Country Mart in 1975. In those days I modeled in, styled and made all the clothes for my photo shoots for advertising my work. I pretty much do the same thing today except that I rarely model anymore and I also shoot most of the photos. I always loved styling and photography so these aspects of my work are some of my favorites. The suit was comprised of a shortwaisted black suede jacket with very narrow lapels and collar, no buttons, straight fitted sleeves, with a Schiaparelli Pink satin lining. A matching slim suede skirt with slit-open- sides at the knees completed the suit. The whole image is so very 1970’s, I just love it today as much as I did then.