Wearing Leather for Function or Fashion?

     That’s a hard call. We all visit our closets daily and pull those clothes to wear that will provide the functions we need. How important is a Jacket? During the span of my career the most requested items have been, the perfect leather jacket, the reliable leather purse, a well constructed leather wallet, a pair of leather pants that fit well….and many others. We all want to look good and project the truest image of ourselves well, so Fashion becomes important too. In my learning process as a designer of fashionable Leather Goods I have realized the old adage of “Form Follows Function”. I interpret this to mean that if the function of our clothing is expressed in a good-looking way, we end up with a garment who’s life is well worth the investment. This is where I start when designing for my clients at Leather Waves. I’ll discuss more about the process of designing Leather Clothing and Leather Accessories as my blogging-life expands. Have a creative day, talk soon :0)