“In the Shop” w/Jackie Robbins E#7 P#2 Women’s Distressed Leather Jacket

Ready now to make the lining. I chose something fun and spirited yet in the same color tones to give the jacket a little flair. Next the leatherbound buttonholes finish off the front with large wooden buttons that have tiny daisys carved into them, that brings all the elements together and adds the finishing touch and a feminine feeling. I love it when a leather jacket looks like it was made for a woman! Sewing the jacket together to the lining and the final topstichting is always critical, because it screems professional! The topstitching also defines the entire piece so it must be done well. Lastly you can see on the model that I went in and redid the pockets with a quilted enhacement and changed the direction for using the pockets to the sides, definately easier to use. This piece becomes the everyday leather jacket that finishes any outfit, a go-to piece for your wardrobe.