JackieRobbins ‘Magical Light’ Photography

I started seriously taking pictures in 1972 when I purchased my first camera and fell in love with the medium immediately. Being primarily a fine art painter at the time, it became a way for me to document images I wanted to use in my work. In 1974 I moved to Malibu California, and one year later opened my boutique ‘Leather Waves’ and started making custom leather clothing and accessories. Suddenly I had a need to use photography to brand and market my products and business. I spent the next 40 years shooting fashion and loving it. During those years I purchased several other cameras and equipment so that my work would look professional. I also began to incorporate photography into my fine art, and that led me to become interested in digital and computer manipulation. In the beginning, I would take my film images to a print house and work with a computer specialist to turn the images into something more unusual and then place the prints into artistic constructions that I handmade. Later I obtained my own computers and learned how to do this myself. As my leather business morphed into its current incarnation, I actually became more and more interested in capturing the beauty inherent in the simple art of Photography and making pieces for collectors and decorating. Jackie Robbins ‘Magical Light’ Photography is my new moniker that was birthed in 2018 for the purpose of reaching a larger audience and working more in this creative field. I am constantly refining my style, doing shows and selling online as well as sharing my work on various social media platforms. My favorite subjects to photograph are Fascinating Individuals, Surf Culture, Lifestyle, Animal Life, Wonders of Nature, Travel Locations, Special Occasions, Product Branding and Fashion! My photographic services include, but are not limited to, selling prints of my images, leasing my images, private photo sessions, fashion shoots, commissions and photojournalistic work. Have an idea for a collaboration?let’s talk!
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